Alligator Hunting

Hi Friends,

We appreciate this opportunity to provide you with information about our “Gator Hunts.”

Few things are more exciting and memorable than alligator hunting in the marshlands of Florida. It’s an excellent opportunity to have a fun filled family adventure. Hunters will not only have the chance to capture the trophy of a lifetime, they will also be able to see Florida’s wildlife at its best as they travel through marshlands in the middle of the night, gliding in just a few inches of water on an airboat. It feels like a never-ending carnival ride.

Before selecting your guide for this exciting and dangerous hunting adventure, we hope you will consider some of the following:

We are located 45 minutes southeast of Orlando, and just 30 minutes south of the Kennedy Space Center. Beautiful public beaches are only five miles away and there are numerous family activities to do in the area.

Safety is important to us. Each guide has a cell phone and a well-stocked first aid kit. They carry a surplus of equipment, and we always have a “what if” plan in place. Our guides are not only experienced; they work as alligator hunting guides fulltime, unlike many others in the industry who only hunt on the weekends. In fact, our guides are experienced and proficient enough to conduct groups of more than a dozen hunters at a time. Our guides will do everything within their abilities to make certain that you have a safe and memorable adventure. Our guides will provide you with as many opportunities as possible to harvest one of Florida’s ageless dinosaurs.

Our alligator hunting packages include, pick up and return to the Melbourne airport, lodging, all licenses and state fees. The alligator is yours, the head, hide, meat and all of that attitude that goes with it! We will make your reservations for two nights at a local hotel and we supply the boats, all the equipment you need, and an experienced guide. There are no additional fees for the time and expense of delivering and retrieving your gator to/from the processor. We will also deliver your items to the local shippers or our local taxidermist, or tannery.

These hunts are done on private property all year. The gators are approximately 7 – 7 ½ feet in length. These are either day hunts with rifles, or night hunts from airboats with bows or harpoons. These are one day hunts, but can require a second day due to weather. If the hunt requires a second night due to weather, there is no additional charge. I have the tags for these hunts; this is not a draw type hunt.
The fee for a sport hunt is $1,850.

Trophy hunts are done all year. These are three days or two nights. Alligators can be taken with rifles (day hunts) bows or harpoons (night hunts). We supply all needed equipment. Some hunts are done from the shoreline and some are done out of airboats. (All night hunts are done from airboats). There is no drawing for these tags; I will have tags in hand.

Before we embark on our guided alligator hunt, we do extensive scouting beforehand from airboats, trucks, four wheelers and even swamp buggies. Please do not worry if we are unable to bag the first gator, as we always have others scouted out. Also, while scouting, we search for the largest possible gators for our clients, not the smaller nine footers.

Each of our hunts are performed on private lakes and canals. These gators were not previously trapped and released before it was time to hunt. Rather, they are 100 percent free ranging, tail slapping, mouth snapping, boat biting gators with an all-around bad attitude. (They have a worse attitude than your mother-in-law did the night she showed up at your bachelor party).

The fee for a Trophy hunt is $4,500.

Trophy fees:
$500 for 9-10 feet
$1,000 up to 11 feet
$1,500 up to12 feet
$2,000 up to 13 feet
$2,500 over 13 feet
Additional sport size gators may be taken on any private land hunt. Only by the same hunter and method, at the same time for $650 each.

From August 15th through October 31st, we will issue several thousand tags on a first come, first serve basis, or through a lottery system. Most years, these tags sell out in three to four hours. Nonresident trapper fees, which include your agent’s fees will cost $1,000. These are the most economical package deals in the industry!

Please keep in mind that these hunts can only be done at night from airboats, with harpoons, bows or crossbows being the weapon of choice. Most people would agree this is by far the most exciting and challenging method of hunting for alligators in Florida. The hunt lasts all night, for one night, although it could require a second night if inclement weather stands in our way.

On average, we harvest gators well over 11 feet long on one of the state’s premium trophy lakes. However, our hunters also had several clear shots at gators that were over 13 feet long. In 2010, a local hunter set a state record after bagging a 14-foot and 3 and half-inch giant gator on these lakes.

Below is a list of our hunt prices and Trophy fees:
One hunter, one average size gator $1,850
One hunter, two average size gators $2,500
One hunter, 1 trophy gator 9FT.+      $4,500+
One hunter, two gators, one Trophy $5,000+
Two hunters split any hunt add         $1,000

+Trophy fees:
$500 from 9ft. to 10 feet
$1,000 up to11 feet
$1,500 up to 12 feet
$2,000 up to 13 feet
$2,500 over 13 feet

If you have your own tags please call for prices.

The only additional expenses are for the processing of your alligator. These fees are for processing your hide and meat, $25.00 per foot. If you would like the meat I will ship it to you, or trade out an equal amount with what I have on hand.

Your future guide,
Donald Hampton

P.S. There are only so many “Trophy Gators”, so call us today to reserve yours!