Hunt Packages

Hunt Packages Include:
  • Transportation to and from Melbourne airport.
  • Lodging for Two nights at a local hotel. (we make necessary arrangements)
  • All state licenses and fees.
  • At no additional cost I will transport the alligators to the processor and retrieve them later. I will also pack and ship to either the local taxidermy or tannery.
Hunting Seasons:
  • Trophy Gator Hunts
    • Trophy hunts are done all year. These are three days or two nights. Alligators can be taken with rifles (day hunts) bows or harpoons (night hunts). We supply all needed equipment. Some hunts are done from the shoreline and some are done out of airboats. (All night hunts are done from airboats). There is no drawing for these tags. I have tags in hand.
  • Sport Gator Hunts
    • These hunts are done on private property all year. The gators are approximately 7 – 7 1/2 in length. These are either day hunts with rifles, or night hunts from airboats with bows or harpoons. These are one day hunts, but can require a second day due to weather. If the hunt requires a second night due to weather there is no additional charge. I have the tags for these hunts; this is not a draw type hunt.
  • Public Water Hunts (Reflects new law change)
    • August 15, through October 31. Several thousand permits will be issued. First come, first serve, or a lottery. These hunts can only be done at night from airboats, with harpoons, bows or crossbows. This is by far the most exciting and challenging method of harvesting alligators. These are all night hunts, for one night. It may require a second night if we have bad weather. On one of the State’s premium Trophy lakes, we averaged well over 11 feet. Our hunters also took several shots at different gators over twelve feet long.

Hunting Equipment:

  • Trophy and Sport hunts are on private property; Day hunts are with rifles from the shoreline. Night hunts are with bows or harpoons from airboats.
  • Public hunts are only done at night with bows or harpoons from airboats.

Hunt Areas:

  • We hunt thousands of acres of privately owned lakes and swamps as well as public lakes and rivers.


  • We guarantee that our guides will provide you with every possible opportunity to harvest the largest alligators in the area.
  • Prior to your arrival our guides will have spent approx. 40 hours scouting the area for your trophy.


  • We Provide all necessary vehicles and transportation to the hunting areas. These may include 4×4’s vehicles, airboat or what ever it takes to get you to the hunting areas.


  • Upon request we will provide you with a list of references.

We provide safe and high quality Florida Airboat Rides and Airboat Tours for gator hunting in the state!Additional gators may be taken during any of the hunts at a reduced price.